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STP ( Sewage treatment Plant )

We offer a full range of Sewage Treatment Plant for domestic and commercial applications.

We can size your sewage treatment solution for you based on population, daily flow rates and type of usage. It is important to size your sewage treatment plant correctly in order for it to function most efficiently.

Raw sewage from different units will flow to STP by gravity after passing through a bar screen and collected in a collection sump for pumping in to ETP at desired rate and eliminate the effects of hourly flow variations. Raw sewage will be pumped to aeration tank. Aerobic biomass will be maintained in the aeration tank to decompose organic pollutants in suspended and dissolved stage. A diffused aeration system will be provided for oxygen supply. An integrated clarifier A will be provided for separation of treated sewage and biomass. Biomass will be retained in the aeration tank and excess biomass and sewage solids will be wasted in to sludge drying beds for drying by solar action. Dry sludge will be removed once in a month from the sludge drying beds and can be used as a rich organic fertilizer. Treated sewage will be collected in a treated sewage collection sump. Treated sewage will be used for on campus horticulture purpose after chlorination, polishing in Pressure sand filter / activated carbon filter and rechlorination.


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