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De Mineralization (DM) Plant:

All available water sources on earth is mainly contain dissolve salts in form of chlorides sulfates& carbonates of sodium, magnesium & Calcium. These dissolved salts get precipitated and create blockage of boiler tubes, water pipelines and deposit in fins of cooling tower that results in breakdown or reduction in efficiency of equipment. Industries like Pharmaceuticals, power plant and electronics required ultra pure water and must not have any dissolved solids in intake process water. For this purpose PANDA’s DM Plant is the best solutions.

Deionization also called as Demineralization, is an ion exchange resin based process which can generate water, free of dissolved salt. DM process configuration includes basic cationic and anionic beds. Typically, the cation resin operates in the hydrogen cycle. The cations in the water (i.e. calcium, magnesium and sodium) pass through the canion exchange resin where they are chemically exchanged for hydrogen ions. The Water then passes through the anion exchange resin where the  anions (i.e. chloride, sulphate, nitrate and bicarbonate) are chemically exchange for hydroxide ions. The final water from this process consists essentially of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which is the chemical composition of pure water.

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