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Advanced Membrane Separation System

Our ongoing thrust of Research and Development, adaptation of latest State of the art technology has put us at the fore front of development of many successful specialized Advance Membrane Separation Systems. PANDA’s core team works closely with customer for understanding and designing need for the Purification, Concentration, Separation of Solutes or Fluid from Solution using spectrum of membrane separation.


  • Dyes Purification and Concentration
  • Optical Brighter Purification and Concentration
  • Textile Effluent Recycling
  • Sewage Treatment and Water Recycling
  • Sizing of Drug Molecules in Pharmaceuticals
  • Fruit Juice Clarification & Concentration
  • Effluent recycling in Metal Processing
  • Metal Recovery
  • Point Recovery


Micro Filtration System : Micro Filtration System is used to remove suspended impurities from solution.

Ultra Filtration System : Ultra Filtration System is used for removal of turbidity, suspended solids, colloidals bacteria and virus. It is also used for recovery or concentration of solutes.

Nano Filtration System : Nono filtration System is used for micro pollutant removal, removal of specific components such as colouring agents, removal of heavy metals from wastewater, waste water recycling.

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